About Us

Our Therapies are Carried out by Qualified and Fully Experienced Nurses

Most of us have busy lives, with more demands on us mentally and physically. Our own family have a range of different demands for their body’s and we researched how to help our bodies be healthier and function better. We have tried and massively benefited from IV Drip Nutrition Therapy ourselves and hope to help others feel the benefits.

We all eat healthy and take vitamins and we were fooled into thinking we are getting enough nutrition, however, because our soils are depleted, genetically modified and over processed foods mean that many of us today are severely deficient in these Essential Nutrients. By replacing our levels, your body can be restored to its peak health and fitness and maximum energy performance.

The substances used in our IV’s are Vitamins, Minerals, and Amino Acids and are classified as ‘Essential Nutrients’ – aptly named as they are ‘essential’ for life.

Our suppliers Intravita are a UK registered Pharmacy and MHRA approved. They specialise in manufacturing IV Vitamin Supplements and our IV protocols have a safety track record since 2009.

Intravita IV Drip

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Bournemouth, Dorset